“The Return of Spring” (nara011) – Chiri

“The Return of Spring”

by Chiri


“If volcanos could sing, then they would sound like Bae Il Dong.
The Korean’s voice has such breadth that it not only fills physical space like a lava flow but seems to stretch back across time. Of course the participants’ divergent backgrounds are matters of surface only. All three exist to divest music of cliches; to load sound with meaning and to inspire the listener. They succeed”

“Simon Barker imagined the possibility of this music many years before it was realised. Just as the improvising language of jazz grew out of the blues, gospel, brass-band and Creole music of New Orleans, Barker imagined an improvised language uniquely of our region. He was already among Australia’s most original, improvising percussionists before he immersed himself in the traditional music of Korea, and soon saw ways of grafting jazzy flowers on to Korean roots.

He formed the cross-cultural sextet Daorum, and then the trio Chiri, with singer Bae il Dong and trumpeter Scott Tinkler. This band has toured extensively, allowing it to achieve the remarkable feat of recording this entirely improvised album in one hour.”
John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald

“Together they produce a compelling and profound exploration of musical possibility. Make no mistakes, this concert will blow you away” MIJF

“Two events burn more brightly in my memory than any others this year. The first was the free concert by Australian-Korean ensemble Chiri in Federation Square, where several thousand people stood transfixed by the extraordinary voice and presence of pansori singer Bae Il Dong.”
Critics Pick, Jessica Nicholas, The Age


released 17 December 2012
Recorded by Robin Gray at Alan Eaton Studios
Mixed by David Nicholas. Mastered by Philip Rex

Artworks: Kim Byeong Gu (Woo Bo)
Layout: Fusae Ikeda
Photographs of artworks: Veronica Kent

Special Thanks: Emma Franz, Yena Jung, Robin Gray, David Nicholas, Philip Rex, Sophia Brous,
Veronica Kent


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