Lost Thoughts – Scott Tinkler

Lost Thoughts

by Scott Tinkler/Simon Barker


“Before its hallucinatory images usurped the public imagination, surrealism was bent on directly accessing the subconscious without technical, aesthetic or moral filters. Such purity is approached by trumpeter Scott Tinkler and drummer Simon Barker in these improvised duets.

Where much so-called free improvisation is intent on not being “polluted” by conventional melody, harmony or rhythm – and therefore is anything but free – these conversations between two long – term colleagues follow the thread unfettered.

They range from a meditative temple of gongs and whispered horn to the thundering tom – toms of the apocalypse with napalm blasts of trumpet.

Always the myriad sounds arrest and engage, guiding you from thought to thought, so you never feel you’re eavesdropping on a private conversation. Perhaps the title should have been Found Thoughts.

John Shand – SMH


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