How To Find The Right Granny Flat Contractor

Whether you are looking to build your first Granny Flat or renovate an existing one, finding the right Granny Flat Contractor is critical. At Ground Floor Constructions, we aim to make this process as simple and stress-free for you, which is why we have created a list of Do’s & Don’ts that will help you find the perfect Granny Flat contractor in no time!

  1. DO contact more than one company

When it comes to big projects like building a new Granny flat, dealing with just one builder can cause problems. It is important that if mistakes arise during construction (which they often do), you will be able to go back and discuss these issues with them. If they are the only company you are dealing with, this may be more difficult to do.

Having options also means that you will have a choice in terms of price and quality of workmanship. Different Granny Flat Contractors often charge very different prices for the same job. This is because they all make their quotes based on their manpower and individual costs, as well as any overheads they may have (e.g. WORKSAFE Licences). 

  1. DO ask family & friends for recommendations

The people you know such as friends and family should always be your first stop when looking into hiring a contractor or service provider like a plumber or electrician, so why not also ask them who they would recommend for building a Granny Flat? You can also ask your local council who they recommend as their preferred contractors for building a granny flat.

  1. DO search the internet

Searching on Google is super easy, and can often lead to some surprising results! Many different trade companies may not appear in other listings such as those based at home improvement centres or hardware stores, which makes them harder to discover. Websites like Yelp and HomeStars tend to list more reputable businesses than others, so using these sites should be helpful too.       

  1. DON’T just go by price

When looking into getting quotes from various Granny Flat builders, don’t just pick the one with the cheapest quote – it is not always about the price!          There are many different types of Granny Flats, and the cost to build them varies drastically. A simple Granny Flat with a basic finish will be cheaper than one that is more luxurious and has higher-end finishes/products.

This means that you should always take a look at what is included in their quotes before making any decisions. If there are features about the design or finishes of your Granny flat which you want to alter, make sure these can still be accommodated in their quote.

  1. DO ask about warranties

Worrying about the quality of workmanship after construction may add more stress, but fortunately, it doesn’t have to happen if you choose a good contractor! Most companies offer a 1-2 year warranty on their workmanship, so ask your rep about this when choosing a Granny Flat contractor.

  1. DO check their supplier details

The building industry is highly regulated and as such, you should always be able to find the details of the suppliers that they use for their materials. If they are using reputable brands such as Dulux or Boral, then it’s likely that the quality of your finished product will also be good. If not, there may be issues with the finish of your flat later down the track!

It is important to keep in mind though that even if a provider uses reputable brands, sometimes these companies produce lower quality goods which means you may still have trouble with them later down the line.       

  1. DON’T just take their word for it

ALWAYS do your research and check out the company you want to hire. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Sometimes talking over the phone or via email may not be enough, so if possible find an opportunity to meet them face-to-face; this will give you a better idea of who your contractor is – and how good they are at constructing Granny Flats!

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