IDX WordPress Themes Review

Showcase IDX is among leading property search and user engagement tool. It’s also editors choice for leading IDX WordPress plugins for your online property business. The platform can help brokers, groups, and agents, increase their sites traffic, enhance their web presence, and become more competitive in their niche. In addition to the simple IDX WordPress plug-in, you can also use other plugins such as IDX SEO, Real Simple Marketplace, and others. However, the most important feature of all, which sets it apart form other platform, is the IDX display list.

Using Chime CRM in Your Next Showcase

The list allows brokers and agents to specify and control where their ads, listings, contact information, website links and more will appear by using a pre-defined set of standards called “look and feel”. This plugin brings simplicity to the process of listing, searching and browsing properties. It provides preview pane for each listing to make you comfortable with the actions you want to take before proceeding to the next. It allows a more detailed and logical set of actions for each page for a complete control over all listings. This plugin is used along with the Real Simple plugin and Google AdWords Keyword Tool. It works great with Google AdWords, because it creates landing pages that are keyword optimized and well performing.

In our showcase review of IDX WordPress Plugins, the one feature we found that was the most useful was the Chime Crm Plugin. The Chime Crm plugin not only sends follow up emails to potential clients, but it also helps agents schedule phone calls. This means agents can be more productive with their time, as they do not have to leave their jobs just to meet with potential clients. With this one feature, agents can not only direct potential clients to the homes they list, but they can also schedule phone conversations with them as well. This means that in this way, the Chime Crm plugin is able to expand its service to include a lot more features, which in turn gives agents even more options for maximizing business productivity.

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