Tantric Yoga – What is it and Who Needs It?

Are you in search of a tantra school – EAA? Has your search for a genuine tantra master turned up nothing? Don’t worry; there are plenty more like me out there. If you’re searching for an actual tantra master, however, it would be wise to check out as many tantra schools as you can before making a decision. There are many different kinds of tantra schools offering lessons for both men and women, and finding the one best suited to your needs would be highly advisable.

Some People Excel At Tantra School And Some Don’t – Which One Are You?

Tantra Yoga is a unique spiritual school that is dedicated to all forms of spiritual development. It is not a religion per se, but is instead a process of spiritual renewal and evolution using the power of touch and body postures. Most tantra schools are structured in a method that promotes real self development for those wishing to further spiritual evolvement. Yoga, like tantra, is not a religion per se but a system of spiritual worship that utilize meditative practices to facilitate a higher understanding of life. There are many forms of yoga, each suited to particular needs.

The teachings of the tantric scriptures are designed to aid their pupils in achieving greater insight into the true nature of life. A good tantric school should teach its pupils not only the basics of meditation and chant but also the art of tantra yoga postures, as well as the science of aromatherapy and the art of jnana (the study of yoga philosophy). The teachings of the tantric scriptures are meant to instruct their pupils on how to harness their free will to transcend their physical bodies and achieve Nirvana – the ultimate goal of all tantra. A genuine tantra school should teach students to employ the powers of their mind, heart and soul through meditation, chant and the use of meditation apparatus such as the diagram and tantra yoga teacher.

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