Watch Assassin’s Creed Movie Onliine

The movie somehow maintains its suspense for the entire duration of the movie and the two main characters, Asher and his brother do not look like they could be friends or even deadly enemies, but they are saved by the end. The movie has excellent action sequences throughout that keep you on the edge of your seat. The movie is highly entertaining and a must watch BG Films assassin movie online should be watched by all movie buffs.

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The movie opens up in Jerusalem at night when two Israeli spies (aziel and ham) stop at a bar for drinks. As they are drinking Yusef and Asher are talking about how their friend, an American citizen, is framed by an assassin who wants to kill him for some money. Later that night Asher and his friend go to the trunk of a car to pick up money which they know is being secretly given to the head of state. Inside the trunk the two Israeli spy across a very dangerous figure dressed in black. The figure however are none other than the boss of the circus and thus Asher is put on a watch and asked to protect the boss from assassination. When Asher saves the boss, his own brother flees leaving Asher to guard the boss.

The movie “Assassin’s creed” which is based on the book of the same name, is a very thrilling movie that you should watch without any break in mid-action. The director, who did the movie did a great job of creating a complex yet exciting world. The story revolves around a young man from a poor family who turns to join the circus as a clown. Everything goes well till he gets word that there is an impending coup d’etat in town and that the head of the circus will be none other than Cleopatra. From that point on everything transforms into one of the best movies ever made.

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